Episode 59

Final Fantasy IX (with Rick Firestone - Pixel Project Radio and Alejandro Ortiz - A Random Gamer's Corner)


January 18th, 2023

2 hrs 34 mins 19 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Some other entries in the long running Final Fantasy series have more mainstream attention, but Square's Final Fantasy IX is the one that feels like the underground favorite. Hailed as a love letter to all of the games in the series that came before it, Final Fantasy IX returns the series to high fantasy and puts together a top-notch cast of characters. Joining me to discuss it is Rick Firestone from Pixel Project Radio and Alejandro Ortiz from A Random Gamer's Corner. You can, and should, check out their podcasts by following this link for Pixel Project Radio and this link for A Random Gamer's Corner.

Intros/Personal Histories/Opening Thoughts 1:10
Story Setup/"Back to Basics" 19:28
Visuals 46:39
Music 54:09
Combat/Gameplay 1:01:29
To Remake? 1:21:53

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