Episode 63

Tunic (with Ryan Batie - Lightning Strikes Thrice)


February 22nd, 2023

1 hr 54 mins 56 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Tunic is a game I respect more than I actually enjoyed playing, when it was all said and done. I respect the vision to rely almost completely on the player to do the extra work that other games do for them, and I had some struggles with this due to my goldfish brain. I respect the attempt to make a challenging game that is unlocked by piecing together opaque mechanics, but I found it to be too difficult at a base level. And I respect the hell out of the art design and music, even though....nevermind, the art and music are great throughout. And if you condensed this game's target demographic down to one person, it would be my guest for this episode, Ryan Batie of Lightning Strikes Thrice podcast. Lightning Strikes Thrice! is a book club style podcast for JRPGs- you can and should check it out HERE!

Intros/Personal Histories/Opening Thoughts 1:03
Story Setup/Discovery 17:11
Gameplay 34:27
Visuals/Music 54:45

Tunic's OST is by Lifeformed and Janice Kwan!

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