Episode 73

Pentiment (with TroytlePower - The Power Play-Throughs Podcast)


May 10th, 2023

2 hrs 10 mins 39 secs

Season 1

Your Host

About this Episode

Pentiment, by Obsidian Entertainment, made an immediate impression on everybody who saw the art style, and then saw that this game wasn't made by an indie team with a dream, it was made by one of the most established and respected game studios out there. The incredible art is only the tip of the iceberg in this journey to the past. The music, writing, characters and plot all take you into 16 century Bavaria for a tale of murder, faith, tragedy and hope, and I was joined by the one and only TroytlePower to discuss it! You can find Troy on Twitter and check out Troy's writing and podcasts at his website!

Intros/Personal Histories/Opening Thoughts 1:24
Story Setup/Gameplay 15:39
Art/Music 41:07

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