Tales from the Backlog 51: Prey (2017)

I missed quite a bit during The Dark Years, when I stepped away from gaming for period of 4 years or so. I missed the PS4/XBone generation really taking off, I missed the release of the Switch, and some game that I really enjoyed in The Before Times faded into memory. One of those games was Dishonored, a game that I loved when it first released. So, as I've said many times, when I bought a PS4 and googled "best ps4 games", a game I'd never heard of kept popping up on the lists. That game was called Prey, and it just so happens, it was made by Arkane Studios, the developers of Dishonored. Prey went straight on the wishlist, where it sat because I was too worried that it would be scary.

Prey finally went on a giant sale, and it was too cheap to pass up. Finally, my hand was forced, and I was set with the cruel task of playing a game in a genre that I love, by a developer that I love. Life is hard sometimes. I booted up Prey, got about 15 minutes in, and promptly got so scared that I uninstalled the game. After about a week, I gathered my confidence, reinstalled it....and played another 10 minutes before getting so scared that I uninstalled it. So again, I steeled myself, turned it back on about a week later, and the rest was history. As far as the things that I find fun in video games, Prey hits those at peak levels. I've come to find that immersive sims are one of my favorite genres of video game, because peak video game, to me, is seeing a locked door, difficult enemy or other obstacle, assessing my toolkit and abilities, and problem solving my way past it. Prey sets you up in these moments constantly, and tells a fun story along the way.

Joining me in episode 51 to talk about Prey are Nick & Will from Friday Night Gamecast. Friday Night Gamecast is a high quality gaming podcast where Nick and Will discuss the latest gaming news, do deep dives on single games, talk about topics, and much more. Both of them bring a great perspective to the greater conversation, and their chemistry as hosts is very fun to hear. You can, and should, check out Friday Night Gamecast by clicking this link.

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