Tales from the Backlog 46: Resident Evil 4

This is becoming a trend this summer/fall on Tales from the Backlog. Yet another critically and nostalgic...ally(?) loved game that I never played, and a horror game to boot! I had convinced myself of several things before playing Resident Evil 4:

  • I was sure that I would never play a Resident Evil game. I had never played one before, except for a light gun game at Dave & Buster's. I don't really like horror games, and I had heard people talk about how some games in the series, like RE7 are incredibly scary.
  • I was sure that I would hate this gameplay. I had seen videos of zombie enemies slowly wandering toward the player, I had seen how you're not able to move and shoot at the same time, and I had seen how many bullets some of the enemies take to bring down. I was SURE that I would hate this.
  • And when I first started Tales from the Backlog (almost a year ago!), I reached out to a lot of my video game friends to see who wanted to come on the show, and Michael Mays responded "Let me know if you want to do an episode about RE4", I was SURE I would never do that.

Luckily for everybody, I was wrong on all counts. This game rules! And I hope you enjoy the episode!

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