Tales from the Backlog 56: The Forgotten City

As somebody who plays video games as a primary form of entertainment, sometimes I find myself playing a bunch of games with big mechanical or time commitments in a row. It’s in those moments that I start to think to myself, “I could really use a palate cleanse right now.”

Enter The Forgotten City. A 5-10 hour game with no complex mechanics to wrap my head around, no combat to learn, and no bloat to grit my teeth through. I was immediately hooked by The Forgotten City’s central premise: there is a “Golden Rule”, which states that if one person commits a sin, everybody dies, and somebody is going to break that rule soon. It’s up to your character to figure out who is going to do it, and in the process get to know the characters, see how they live under this constant threat, and figure out why things are the way they are. It was a real breath of fresh air during a time in the year where long JRPGs were bogging me down.

Joining me in episode 56 to break it down is Chris from the 1 Hour, 1 Decision podcast. Chris and his co-host Tom take a random game from Xbox Game Pass each week, play an hour of it, and discuss whether they want to keep playing. You can find them on any podcast app or from their website!

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