Tales from the Backlog 49: The Quarry

When I first got a PS4, I was looking for cheap games to play and started in the "PS Hits" category. There was a game in there that looked interesting, but the cover art looked scary. That game was Until Dawn, and further digging into it told me that it was one of the scariest games on the console...so I promptly put it in the "will never play" category until I was invited to go on Play Along Podcast for their Get Rec'd series. I recommended Jared play Dark Souls, and he recommended.....Until Dawn (you can listen to the episode here). And despite my reservations, I loved it! So when The Quarry was released, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would play it.

The Quarry is an improvement on Until Dawn in many ways. It looks incredible, has more likable characters, and tells a fun mystery in a different way than its predecessor. But despite these, I think The Quarry is missing some of the secret sauce that made Until Dawn such a fun time. By having more likable characters, it becomes less fun to have them die in gruesome ways (and depending on your choices, they can die in gruesome ways), and part of the joy of Until Dawn for me was throwing caution to the wind and just letting the deaths happen as they come. But despite this, I had a blast playing The Quarry and couldn't wait to talk about it on the podcast.

Joining me for episode 49 is Liv Beyer from Between 2 Gamers. Between 2 Gamers is a variety gaming podcast doing two episodes per week covering topics, game reviews, news and more. Liv and Frewy bring a lot of energy and passion to the gaming content world, and I recommend you check them out by clicking this link!

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