Tales from the Backlog 44: Undertale

Last week in the Chrono Trigger blog, I discussed the issues I had with trying to capture 30 years of other poeple's nostalgia when coming to a fan favorite game late. Well, in this case I wasn't 30 years late, but in some ways the fandom for Undertale is even louder and more rabid than for Chrono Trigger. One thing I did have going for me with Undertale, however, is that for all of the people yelling about it (positively and negatively), I avoided most spoilers for the game, except for the fact that you can kill things or not.

So once again, off on the quest to see what millions of screaming internet denizens love about a game, and I've gotta say....Undertale is ok! I enjoyed most of my time with the game, and there were some real standout moments, bolstered by a god-tier soundtrack. And as I was playing, I was given plenty of things to think about- perfect for an episode of Tales from the Backlog.

Joining me in episode 44 of Tales from the Backlog to discuss Undertale is returning guest Eric Gess, host of The Unlockables. Eric describes The Unlockables as "The story of video games, the people who play them, and the memories made along the way." Eric has really made a name for himself as a truly great guy who interviews other gaming content creators, and he has recently embarked on his quest to organize and tell the complete story of Kingdom Hearts in his Guiding Keys: The Story of Kingdom Hearts series. You can find The Unlockables by following this link!

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