Tales from the Backlog 33: Unsighted

If you play a lot of video games, sometimes you start feeling like maybe you've seen most of the ideas people have, and while games are still really fun, you start to yearn for something with a unique idea. And while some people bemoan the lack of creativity and freshness in the AAA space (they're kind of right but not totally), it's no secret that novelty is flourishing in the indie space.

Enter Unsighted, an isometric metroidzeldasoulsvania with a killer twist- as the characters in the game are androids, and their life source is running out, every character in the game is running out of time. And I mean every character, from the random NPCs around town, to the shopkeepers and traveling merchants...and your main character, too. The looming specter of time is really felt in Unsighted, and the ways that pressure interacts with metroidvania-inspired gameplay create all sorts of memorable moments and tough decisions. It's not a complete success in all situations, but it works enough of the time to make this game stand out in the crowded indie metroidvania market.

Joining me to discuss Unsighted in episode 33 of Tales from the Backlog is the artist simply known as Nave from Gaming Together: A Cooperative Podcast. On Gaming Together, Nave and hid co-host Phillip discuss their co-op gaming experiences in a very entertaining and insightful way.

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