Dark Souls 3 Bosses Tier List

While I've said many times on the show that the bosses in a Dark Souls game are not my favorite parts of the games, and that oftentimes they feel more like obstacles keeping me from getting to explore the next level, they are just endlessly fun to talk about. I enjoy sharing and hearing experiences about how we beat troublesome bosses like The Nameless King and Sister Friede. I love hearing which bosses took hours to beat, and which ones we unexpectedly beat on the first try- it's an endlessly interesting subject of conversation to me, and that's why I dedicate an episode of the podcast to giving the FromSoftware bosses the time and discussion that they deserve.

In this Break from the Backlog episode of Tales from the Backlog, Dave is joined once again by podcast guest extraordinaire Jake Anderson, previously heard in the episodes about Firewatch, Gone Home and Bloodborne, to tier rank the bosses in Dark Souls 3!

Here is my (Dave's) tier list:

And here is Jake's tier list:

You can, and should, fill out the tier list for yourself HERE and share it with us in the Tales from the Backlog Discord server!

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