Tales from the Backlog 37: Mega Man X

I grew up playing video games, starting in the mid-90s with a Game Gear, then a Gameboy Pocket in 1998, and a Nintendo 64 a year later. I have nostalgia for a lot of those games, and remember everything about those early Pokemon games, for example. Conspicuously missing from my gaming history, however, are the NES and SNES. I played them at some friends' houses, but never more than a few minutes at a time, and holy shit now that I'm thinking about it, had I even beaten a Super Nintendo game before playing Chrono Trigger and Mega Man X until this year?

Through the past several years of living in Video Game Land and talking games with people all the time, the Mega Man X games (especially the first one) were repeatedly brought up among the greats from the SNES, so I decided to give it a try. I had played a lot of the Mega Man Battle Network games for the GBA, Mega Man is cool, right? Aaaaaand I absolutely hated it. I got through the tutorial mission, but I couldn't get any further than that. And so that's how it was for about a year, when I began to torture myself with that thought of "Yeah you didn't have fun with that game, remember? Why don't you not have fun with it AGAIN?". So I did. And I managed to get through it this time! And even though I can say that I didn't have a whole lot of fun playing it, I'm glad I did, so that I can get a faint whiff of secondhand nostalgia from some of the members of the Tales from the Backlog community.

Joining me for episode 37 of Tales from the Backlog (Mega Man X) is Chris Nelson. Chris is a longtime friend and returning guest on the show, previously heard on episode 20 (Blasphemous). Chris actually did grow up playing Mega Man X, so it was fun to compare our personal histories with it, and I really like this episode. I hope you do too!

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