Tales from the Backlog 42: Spec Ops: The Line

We're up to episode 42 of Tales from the Backlog, yet one of the world's most popular gaming genres has been absent thusfar- the military shooter. I believe that a lot of the popular franchises serve as enlistment propaganda, and I just generally don't like shooters in general, unless there is something interesting going on. For example, if you just take a look at the box art for Spec Ops: The Line, there is nothing indicating that it would be anything more than your standard game set in a desert place where you're killing terrorists.

So imagine my surprise when I start listening to video game podcasts years and years later and start hearing how Spec Ops: The Line is being lauded for going where military shooters (and video games) rarely go, telling an unforgettable story with a depth that can only be fully uncovered by playing the game multiple times. Add in some competent 3rd person shooter gameplay with suprisingly good enemy and team AI, and you have the recipe for a special game- so special that I sleeved the entire game in one 6 hour play session.

Joining me in episode 42 of Tales from the Backlog is Chris Coplien, one of the hosts of Retro Hangover. Retro Hangover is a retro games podcast covering all kinds of games from years past, and Chris and his co-host Shane have a great dynamic that makes it a very entertaining show. Retro Hangover is Backlog Approved and you can find their show by following this link.

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