Tales from the Backlog 41: The Last of Us

Last week in the Outer Wilds blog, I said that some games deserve a second chance. Well, it turns out that for the second week in a row, some games deserve a second chance. The first time I played The Last of Us (Naughty Dog, 2013), I thought that the story was as advertised, but had a lot of trouble clicking with the gameplay and eventually got frustrated and quit. But some games deserve a second chance. Almost 10 years later, I decided to give it another shot with the help of a trump card- Easy mode. Naughty Dog has a bad habit of making enemies into bullet sponges, and Easy mode eliminates that frustration. With that on my side, I was finally able to play through The Last of Us to the end (and what an ending it was!) to prepare for a discussion on the podcast!

Joining me in episode 41 to talk about The Last of Us is Ben Robinson from Play Along Podcast. Play Along Podcast is a games club podcast that breaks games down into small sections and meets each week to discuss. A typical game takes them several weeks to complete, so anybody can...play along. They also do a fun side series called Get Rec'd, where one of the hosts and a guest recommend a game to each other, play as much as they can, and then meet to discuss. I recommend the show, and you can find everything Play Along at this link!

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